Evocative taverns are distributed all over the historic centre.

Points of meeting, coexistence and fun.

The Ruta de la Saboga is the circuit formed by the taverns which are installed during the days of the Festival, characterized like those of the period. Its name refers to the shad (a fish found in the River Ebro which was highly appreciated at the time), in analogy to other more modern routes named after fish.

Evocative taverns are spread throughout the historic centre becoming part of the decoration of the old city: they are part of the great transformation of the Renaissance Festival, and the points where it is most intensely alive. Places for meeting, coexistence and fun, there is always entertainment, transit of people and many personal stories that will be associated forever with the Festival. To experience it is to follow the Ruta de la Saboga, put aside the routine and immerse yourself in the atmosphere, while enjoying and feeling the recreation in a complete way.

Some taverns have now become forever associated with the Renaissance Festival and are a must for the visitor. In these taverns the Festival goes beyond the festival; the taverns themselves become meeting points for the artists when the performances are over.

The cultural and sports associations and the local professionals from the sector are responsible for organizing the Ruta de la Saboga, where they contribute all their experience and good work.

Visit the Participa section if you require further information about the steps to follow to set up a tavern.

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