Theatre and street entertainment

Experience situations of the period

Anything from comedians to fantastic creatures can be found at the Festival. They can be witches, gamblers and merchants; spited husbands, calamitous players or happy dancers; galley slaves, fugitives or executioners; young lovers or tight-fisted old men. A multitude of characters populate the landscape of the Festival and mingle with the visitors, ready to surprise us and make us have a good time.

The best way to experience the Festival and enjoy the shows is to walk round the city and just let your curiosity run away with you and discover the charm of hidden corners. The old town becomes a veritable experience, with the incentive of the fact that, more than once, you will probably come across a show you do not expect.

No events scheduled for the next edition

La Festa del Renaixement Ajuntament de Tortosa
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