Participate in the Festival...

Participate in the Festival...

Com a voluntari!, Opening a tavern, Wearing period dress, The Period Market o amb una proposta artística

Ajuda’ns a fer gran la Festa del Renaixement! Participa com a voluntari/a i viu la festa des de dins! Obre una taverna d’època que atragui els visitants, vesteix-te com un ciutadà o ciutadana del segle XVI o participa en el Mercat d’Època obrint una parada que faci desitjar els teus productes. Si teniu una proposta artística per actuar durant els dies de la Festa, estarem encantats de sentir-la. Benvinguts sigueu tots!

Participate as a volunteer and experience the Festival from within.

Being a volunteer is enjoying the Festival from within; the experience changes completely. Volunteers are the cogs in the big machine which is the organization of the Renaissance Festival, and are an essential element without which the latter would not be possible.


The volunteers mingle with the artists, the companies and the organization. They are present throughout the Festival and their experience is really rewarding.



There are two types of volunteer: those who accompany groups and those who provide information.


  • Accompanying groups

    Guides and helps the companies that come to the Festival. They show them the itineraries and inform them and become the true link between the Festival and participating groups.

  • Information

    It is difficult to find a festival as complex as the Renaissance Festival. Numerous shows and venues are spread out throughout the day. The volunteers show the local visitors and outsiders the Festival and give them the necessary information.


To be a volunteer there is no age limit, or academic requirements or need to know languages. You can come alone or with friends and form your own group. A volunteer is someone who is committed to the Festival, and that is all we ask: that once a volunteer decides to participate he should fulfil the commitment he has taken on.


In June and July, volunteers receive training in various sessions about how to act in the different situations they may be faced with. After the Festival, we all meet again and celebrate the Volunteers' Festival together.



If you want to be a volunteer, download, fill in and send us the attached form and we will contact you.


Download PDF form

Open a tavern

The taverns of the Ruta de la Saboga are run by cultural and sports associations or local restaurateurs. The taverns have to follow their specific regulations and apply it at all times. In previous years, the Festival organization has worked strictly to ensure the taverns fulfil all the requirements.


In this respect, we are committed to quality taverns with maximum prices and a neat and tidy atmosphere, with regard both to the decoration, the costumes of the staff and the products served. At the same time, the name of the tavern has to fit in with the context of the 16th century and the place in which it is located. If the name is not indicated in the application, a name from the period will be agreed upon with the organization of the Renaissance Festival.

Every year a period is opened in which you can submit the applications for participation along with the tavern project.


You can consult the rules here and download the application form.

Download form
Dress like an authentic citizen of the 16th century

The best way to experience the Festival: dressing with the clothes worn by the men and women of the 16th century and enjoying the days of the Festival as authentic citizens of the Tortosa of the Renaissance.


Wearing period dress is part of the Festival; the experience is enhanced, to the extent that moving through its spaces and the Ruta de la Saboga, resting, and eating while you watch the shows which take place, becomes a much more intense and satisfying way to experience the Renaissance Festival.

If you require information on how to make the clothes or guidelines about what they should be like, please contact the Festival Department (Departament de Festes) of the Tortosa City Council.


Ask for an appointment by phoning +34 977 449 648 or via the E-mail of the Renaissance Festival

Participate in the Period Market

The Period Market stretches through the narrow winding streets, filling them with exotic smells, the noise of old trades and sounds from diverse sources. Like a long snake with a thousand colours and smells, which guides the visitor through the Festival, it becomes the busiest street and the link between the different spaces of the Festival.


It is one of the main attractions of the Renaissance Festival with thousands of visitors a day. For this reason, the organization takes care to ensure its quality, atmosphere and decoration.

The market is managed by an external promoter, and this is who the artisans interested in participating should contact.


If you have any other queries, please contact us using the contact form, indicating as the reason of the query "Participate in the Period Market"

Present an artistic proposal

Over the years, the Renaissance Festival has hosted performances by companies from all over Europe. We discover many of these performances by visiting festivals and fairs, but others come from proposals sent to us directly on the initiative of the companies. For this reason, we offer you the chance to present your proposal through the website.


If you wish to present a performance proposal for the Renaissance Festival, please take the following requirements into account:


  • The performance must be adapted to the 16th century, both in terms of the characterization and wardrobe and of the script and argument, i.e it must be a show that could have been performed in the Tortosa of the Renaissance.

  • You must be a professional company up-to-date with all tax obligations, social security contributions and payments.

  • It must be a proposal which has already been released, with shows already performed.

  • The performances at the Renaissance Festival are usually hired for three days (Friday to Sunday) and with several sessions a day (three to four).

You can send your proposal to the E-mail address of the Festival, and you must include the following data:


  • Name of the company

  • Contact person

  • Phone number and e-mail of the contact person

  • Fiscal Identification Code of the company

  • Name of the show

  • Description of the show (idea, summary, number of performers, etc.)

  • Technical requirements

  • Photographs

  • Report of shows performed over the last year.

  • Budget


If you have any other query, please contact us using the contact form, indicating as the reason for the query "Artistic proposal".

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