The traders' associations go out on the streets, adorn the stalls and all the stall-holders wear period costumes.

The traders' associations, heirs of the old fraternities which regulated much of the social life of the city, participate in the Festival with the Taulell al Carrer (Street Stall). As a demonstration of their present vitality, they go out on the streets, adorn the stalls and all the stall-holders wear period costumes. The Municipal Market becomes a central point, the stalls are adorned and the staff also dresses up. The main doors are decorated with big flags, as if they were the entrance to a temple for the consumption of premium quality products and foods.

A large circuit is formed, running from the shopping centre to the old town with the Renaissance Festival as a background, transforming the neighbourhoods and transporting us into the past. The streets are bustling with life, the curious wander the streets, other people shop, performances take place and cheer and good humour abound. Visitors and citizens rediscover ancient customs.

On the street you'll find everything you need, clothing and accessories, foods (including the sweets of the Festival, made expressly for the Renaissance Festival) and, especially, many reasons to enjoy Tortosa and its Festival.

On Friday, following the opening of the Street Stalls, traders receive a visit from the attorneys, accompanied by a retinue of noble families: a moment of solemnity. Traders receive support from the authorities and a show of their appreciation for the dynamic work they perform throughout the year, beyond the Renaissance Festival.

Those who participate:

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