The Actes Propis

Recreations of ceremonies of the period

The ceremonies of the era are recreated in events in which most of the local associations take part, along with numerous volunteer groups, including the Councillors themselves, who become the attorneys of the sixteenth century, and are dressed as such.

These are events with all the pomp and solemnity that the occasion requires, every movement and every action is part of an elaborate script which leaves nothing to chance. Noblemen, musicians, hors d’oeuvres and citizens form part of the celebrations, just as they did at the time. You can see this in the opening ceremony, the opening of the gates and the Oath of the Attorneys, the delivery of banners to the noble families or the Marxa dels Trasts: a display of arms in which the brotherhoods of the period parade, in charge of the maintenance and defence of the different trasts (sections) of the city wall.

Special mention must be given to the Grand Parade on Sunday, the last day, with the participation of all the groups of the Renaissance Festival, which become a living pageant of the recreation of the splendour of sixteenth century Tortosa.

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